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Friday, July 16

It's been a long while has it? Since the last time I got on. This little post is for you, my dear blog. For putting up with me. For tolerating my nonsense. For not complaining that I keep neglecting you and never coming online to visit you. For always venting my frustration on you and for not loving you enough. For that I am truly sorry. Will make up to you. See ya soon and love ya lots lots lots!

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Monday, June 28

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Today was a exciting-nerve wrecking-adventurous-cool (in a way)-dirrrty, and i mean really dirty- sort of day. To start off my wonderous first day at school, I lost my wallet. Heh. Big news. Except that I really trusted IJ girls so I thought I lost it. Sis and I took a cab (with a chinese driver) to school, but checked the taxi twice, so it couldn't have dropped at all. Period.
Van saw me holding it cos she remembered what I said: Shawn is such a sucka! Stephi and I both saw it on the table with my bodyshop green plastic bag.....and here's the punchline: It disappeared...woo woo. Mystery of the phantom wallet
There wasn't any wallet found today at the lost and found so I got hysterical then. And you know me... ha. It also wasn't a prank played by nat and gang aka me. Ask Vanessa for details. So we suspected foul play and reported to Ms Teo. She suggested looking in the flush systems of the toilets and me, and kind ol' souls van and gen helped. We even checked the sanitary bins. Imagine the horror, the anguish, the pain...haha. Anyways, to no avail. And then, the mysterious person struck. An announcement came asking for carol of sec 4/9 THROUGHOUT the whole school, so I guess I am pretty much famous by now. ha ha. It was stated that someone wants to talk to me...and guess who the person was... for the more mentally challenged of you, it was the taxi driver who wasnt chinese or even spoke chinese. He was malay. The mystery was then solved save for the fact that he said: nothing, I can't tell you when I asked him where he found it. Ha ha. So once again, the case is opened to new ideas that someone stole it and got cold feet and know the rest. Anyways, I am glad things worked out and I got the wallet back. Thanks whoever you are cos you have a conscience. Ha.
To Gen : Although you were like an outsider to the whole thing, you helped and that's what matters. Thanks
Van: WTF! Haha. I owe you a meal and you too ah! Ha ha. Thanks for going through it with me ya! Thanks!
And to the rest: Thanks too for being a lil concerned haha. Thanks for being KPO and asking me what happened and letting me get the limelight. Ha ha.
And to the mysterious thing: Without you, there would not been an adventure of a first day at school. Thanks for having a conscience.

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Monday, June 21

All too soon, the holidays are coming to an end...and I can't help but ask myself what have I done during this time. Have I finish my homework? Have I revised? Have I even looked at my homework thoroughly? Sadly, the answers are all yup. I guess I just have to do some rushing these couple of days, the holiday has not really helped. Of course I caught up on ALOT of sleep, just this morning, I slept for 12 hours, but when it came to keeping in touch with God, I found that I have yet again drifted, doing stuff behind ppl's back, I am sick and tired of lying, sick of doing things I don't want to do and yes, sick and tired of this meaningless shell-less life.

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Thursday, June 10

Know I haven't been online for a loooooooong time, cos the comp with broadband is screwed up, thus using the whatdoyacallit? modem? Its damn slow, so pardon me if i dont ever come online, you won't want to live with the pain, trust me. Heh.
Anyways, wanted to thank those who wished me a happy birthday, thanks lots. Although I found out some of your secrets.... vanessa reminded you, what nice friends...haha, jk lah, all the same thanks alot!

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Saturday, May 15

Didn't intend to blog, since I already decided to revamp and republish my website, but nooo, Vanessa had to pester me to blog, so here I am. This post is for you, woman! Though it's not all about you...haha.
Just wanted to express in words my exhilaration, happiness, joy, excitement, relief, stresslessness and pure jubilance that the exams are finally over, over over!
We went to Cine to celebrate and ate at BK!!! It’s that stupid girl’s entire (van) fault that I ended up eating MEAT on fri! I mean if you haven’t insisted eating there, I would have went to Yoshinoya and ate the beef bowl that unfortunately, is also meat, erm…oh ya. Haha
Caught Troy, and ooooooooh-myyyyyy-goooooooooooooodddddd (sh). It was the best movie I caught this year and the last! It even beat Lord of the Rings III.
The whole show kept me on the edge of the seat and crying..haha. The only flaw was that since the whole show was full of climaxes, when we came to the end, it didn’t come to our expectation. Was rather not climaxy enough. Was drooling all over Brad Pitt’s ABs/thighs/chest/biceps/hair/face/pout/ etc throughout the whole movie. He was totally hot hot hot!!! The love scenes were… haha. Can’t put down the X-rated words, haha. He was practically naked, bet he was wearing a G-string, could even see his pelvis, needed to screw my eye balls (no pun intended) back into my socket after the end of the show. It was a show to glorify love, war, violence, gory and not to mention muscles…. Pure muscles.
For all of you who haven’t caught Troy, please do so, it really is two thumbs up… and the lesser theme of religion was kinda subtle throughout the movie, maybe it is just me or something…maybe.
Took the train back with Vannie, had a long-short talk with her, haha. It did help a little and am glad to say she’s taking a little of my advice, haha. Glad you thought in my perspective and see ya later, thanks lots girl! And do take care ya? Stop thinking soo much!!
Well, just wanted to do a little shoutout to 3 girls who might or might not read this post…but never mind.

valerieHey dearest friend, thanks for always listening to my problem, I can not find a better listener and advisor than you, ok so maybe there are a few more, but I spent most of the last 2 weeks with you, so you shld know how I have been feeling these few days ya? Thanks for the encouragement and the letter, you made me feel soo..touched. Thanks once more!

wynaYo bung-lian! Haha, spent the most time with you and Cherylly, and thanks for the little comments here and there. You are one of the funniest, lamest, funkiest asshole I have ever seen, hahaha. Thanks for the times we were just horsing around, and for the times we ate and talked seriously and thanks for the times you made me laugh like when the auntie scolded you TWICE for playing with the soya sauce, haha!

cherylly Hey cherylly darling! Have mentioned how much I love you? Haha, be happy now that I have proclaimed it to the world! Ha. Hope you love your present, spent the whole morning and afternoon shopping for it, neglecting amaths, haha. Love ya lots really. And thanks for the patting on my shoulder gesture when I was down. Basically, you know how I feel lah…

To other people, classmates, friends, advisors, guys and girls alike, I love you all!


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Monday, May 10

Yep..decided to come back for a while cos soo much has happened since I last blogged. Intend to switch back to my website, but that will be after my exams, hate will be like a story much easier for me, heh.
Well, it seems like eons since us good and close friends had a good talk together, or even share what's on our mind. I mean, we talk, and gossip, and meet and all, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore, I mean, it just aint right.
We have so much to talk about, to reflect upon, and to thrash out, but that will have to wait till the exams are over..heh. So if you think you fit the above category, be prepared, cos I will find you.

can't wait till the exams are over

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Monday, April 19

Yep...aint been coming here for a long time...lost the I had much of it anyways, but yup. Been drifting everywhere these past not know where I am heading off to, or who I am....just feel like ending this here and now...I want Os to be over, I want this shit to be over! I want it to be over now now NOW!!!!!

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